We’re on a mission to revolutionize organic marketing by eliminating the guesswork.

Precedent demystifies organic marketing through conversion insights and AI-driven content optimization.

The problem with organic marketing

For start-ups, businesses, and freelancers, organic marketing is the most cost-effective and impactful way to reach a larger customer base. But, investing in organic marketing (like SEO, social media, influencers, and referrals) often feels like venturing into a black box. While these efforts may generate clicks and follows, tracking their impact on real sales is an uphill battle we’ve all experienced.

Our solution:

Your organic marketing stack, AI-optimized & fully automated

We’re tackling the organic marketing game head-on with clever solutions that help you measure, optimize and automate your organic marketing activities.

By harnessing the power of AI and attribution data insights, we envision a future where your organic marketing efforts are seamlessly integrated and automated across platforms, with content that helps you maximize your impact on your bottom line.

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Our MVP:

Targeting an organic pain point we’ve all experienced - SEO

Our MVP, Precedent Pages, tackles a must-do many founders dread: crafting SEO-optimized web content that drives conversions and generates high quality leads.

By connecting our cookie-less tracker to your Stripe financial data, we identify the content with the greatest impact on conversions. Then, with the help of AI, we provide tailored recommendations and develop expertly crafted, high-converting content for your brand.

Read more about our MVP here.

Join us as we unlock the potential of organic marketing for your business

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